Solar Awning Project

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About the Solar Awning Project

Climate change is currently a focal issue in higher education. Presidents, faculty, students and administrators are coordinating efforts and committing their institutions to environmental stewardship.

The approach of the Oregon University System (OUS) has been to complement the net zero climate initiative that each campus has made under the American College and University President's Climate Commitment. Providing the leadership and the capital funding, OUS is able to advance sustainability best practices and policies to accelerate and strengthen Oregon's leadership aspirations.

The Solar Awning Project is one of several renewable energy demonstration projects that OUS has developed that can best leverage our institution's unique research talents, Oregon's natural resources, and available funding opportunities to achieve the following:

  • Reduce our carbon footprint
  • Retain our National leadership position in sustainability
  • Allow student and faculty researchers to develop and test new technologies
  • Increase the competitiveness of the university system's renewable energy curriculum
  • Increase the value of the research, prior to commercialization
  • Improve the Oregon economy by creating both short and long term job opportunities in emerging renewable energy industries.

With support from the Governor and Legislature, many laws and policies have already been established to promote sustainable development. The Solar Awning project will complement those efforts by combining renewable energy generation with energy conservation, which will contribute to our overall goal of carbon neutrality.

photo of primary contributers solar awning photo

The team: Bob Simonton, Frank Vignola, and Ihab Elzeyadi


The west end of the solar awning.

west AC power gauge irradiance gauge east AC power gauge total power to date meter

AC power, west side

Irradiance, facing south, tilted 20°

AC power, east side

Total AC power generated

The prototype solar awning project was made possible with support from
The Oregon University System (Bob Simonton)     •     UO Facilities Services (George Hecht and Jeff Madsen)     •     The UO Department of Architecture

Design by Ihab Elzeyadi, UO Architecture Department
Solar Systems by Frank Vignola, UO Physics Department
Monitoring and website by the UO Solar Radiation Monitoring Laboratory

Manufacturing and installation by Image King Signs
Solar Analysis and Modeling performed by Ihab Elzeyadi and student research assistants at the UO Baker Lighting Lab